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Corporate Social Responsibility

FIs are one of the major sources of financing investment for commercial projects which is one of the most important economic activities for economic growth. Therefore, this sector can play a crucial role in promoting environmentally sustainable and socially responsible investment. Thus, encouraging environmentally responsible investments and prudent lending should be one of the responsibilities of the banking sector. For professionals corporate social responsibility involves the tenets of sustainability, ethical lending, conservation and energy efficiency. Contrary to popular belief, corporate social responsibility involves a much wider scope of activities than simple donations and charitable activities. A responsible and sustainable business organization is one that does not only share profits with its stakeholders, but also ensures minimum negative impact on its surrounding environment, both ecological and social, through its products, policies and practices.

CSR Activities undertaken by us :-

1. In order to save energy reduce, carbon emissions and preserve the environment, GSPB has installed solar panels which use sun light to produce electricity. In this manner, GSPB produces 5KW electricity and saves equivalent energy from the national grid.

2. The Rana Plaza tragedy has impacted GSPB in multiples ways. The employees of GSPB have donated one day salary to the victims and donated 5 lac taka to the Prime Minister’s Fund for rehabilitating the victims.
GSPB has donated Tk. 1 lac to Enam Medical College and hospital, the hospital that provided free medical services to the victims. GSPB also plans to provide assistance to the victims that have lost their limbs by providing them artificial limbs.

3. GSPB also donated 3,46,800 taka in the year 2013 for various CSR activities.